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How Do I Set Up a Counter on My Homepage?

Add the following to your HTML page:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/counter.cgi"-->

If you want to have seperate counters for different directories, you can specify subdir=DIRECTORYNAME in your statement.

<!--#include  virtual="/cgi-bin/counter.cgi?subdir=directory1"-->

If you want to have seperate counters for different files, you can specify page=PAGENAME in your statement.

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/counter.cgi?page=name"-->

You can combine the directory and page commands. To do this, use a question mark in front of the first command, and the ampresand in front of other commands:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/counter.cgi?subdir=directory1&page=name"-->

If you want to customize the counter style, include the style=STYLENAME in your statement.

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/counter.cgi?style=swirl"-->
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/counter.cgi?style=bluepl&subdir=directory1"-->

Creating a hidden counter:

To hide the counter, simply wrap your counter code within another HTML comment, like this:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/counter.cgi"-->

To view your hits, add “/count.txt” to your domain name on the location bar, i.e. you would access the counter for myname.com by typing in http://myname.com/count.txt.

To RESET the counter, delete the “count.txt” file using your FTP client.

Available counter styles are below (click the link to view digits):


013 8pinmatrixblack 8pinmatrixwhite abacus acidblack acidwhite aflag albin aleiablack aleiawhite
alexei aptangoblack aptangowhite arial arial10pt arial12ptb arial12ptw ariali arialorange astigmablack
astigmawhite atari8 awg01 awg02 awg04 awg07 awg08 b5 babydoll banco
bancord batmosblack batmoswhite bbldotb bbldotg bbldotr bblltbl beauty2000 beautypink binky
blackboard blood blublls bluegothic bluekat bluenormablack bluenormawhite bluepl bluesky blurrdblack
blurrdwhite boumboumblack boumboumrainbow boumboumwhite brainstewblack break3 brush bunny caligraphy cc
century chagor6 charcoalblack charcoalblue charcoalgreen charcoalred charcoalwhite chevy57 chickenscratchblack chickenscratchwhite
chromosome chronotrigger circle clipboard clnind cobrablue cobrawhite codo cold coldfire
colored colorit colors copper courierb courierw crackstacksb crackstacksw crazy crdclbs
crddmds crdhrts crdspds crt crystlb cure decibel deciblue default diablo
dice dots dragonball dreama drpglds drunk ds9 earthbound egypt ehklibe
ehkpuz1 elec embgrn1 enya_r feminine flame flameb flamew floraliesblack
floraliespink floyd flubber frag funbow furigana futura gadget ghost1 ghost2
gila gold goldenmist gothpurple green halloween hellinv indga indgab indgph
indgphb japan japanr jazz jazzgrrl jeri jkanji joker jorrit katt026
katt150 katt158 korn leandro led links logcount lotto lynz megiddo
messy metal microsc microsc2 midnightblood mj mono morpheus msf muffin
muncheekin neon_blue neon_red nexxus nicolas nightsky odometer oglive olde oldengls
oriental party pdg peachy peachyb pearlzd pink pokemon poker pool
psquare public punk purplen puzz2 quake quake3 rainbw2 ransom reject
ribaids ribdvca rose scoreboard scorered scouts scratchbox sevenet7 silence
silverado silverwing siralop skia1 skia2 slipknot smalls smashb smashw smirk
smplst smred southparkblack southparkwhite splotch spumpkins starrynight std stonewall sunrise
sunset swirl tdt techgo technoblue tgp thai tiedie tigerpaws tiny
tinyb tmbg tokyo turf tux tux2 tux3 type usa vandalmed
vandalsml verdana8 vt100b vt100w watercress woodhol xfiles xray yellow yoshida
zpeefcnt zuul


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