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How do I transfer ownership of a domain?

Transferring a Domain’s Ownership

If you have sold your domain to a third party, you will need to transfer it’s ownership to that person or organization once your arrangements have been made. In some instances, you may wish to transfer ownership of a domain to your company, or to another individual in the case the domain is a gift.
A domain’s owner is recognized as the Owner/Organizational contact given in the domain’s whois record.
To transfer one or more domains to a buyer, we recommend that you transfer the domains to a temporary account of your making, i.e. you create the username and password, and then have your customer transfer from this temporary account to their permanent account. By doing the transfer this way, neither of you needs to reveal the username and password for your account.
If you wish an impartial third party to broker your domain transfer, can provide this service for a fee. Please call our office to arrange for this service.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log in for the domain to be transferred.
  2. On the navigation menu, select Profile->Change Profile
  3. Enter in the names of the domains you wish to transfer under the FROM: column. You can transfer more than one domain at a time.
  4. Enter in the Username AND Password for these domains. The username and password needs to be the same for all domains being transferred.
  5. If you are transferring to an existing client, and know the username and password for this account, check the Move to existing profile box and provide the name of one of the domains in this account.
  6. Provide the username and password for the account you are moving the domains to.
  7. Click on Change Owner Now, and verify that the system reports a successful transfer.

Once transferred, you’ll be logged out of the account you were in and logged into the account that you’ve moved the domains to.


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