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BRAVE Church Sermons

August 2019

After taking a deep dive into a particular passage or topic, we often take a break from our traditionally longer sermon series as we prepare to transition to what is to come. This may include sermons from other pastors within our network or like-minded preachers who we have developed friendships with over the years. Whatever the case may be, you can be sure that these singular sermons will be God honoring, Christ exalting, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

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In This Series

The Savior Is Here

Week 1 • 7/19/2020 •


Jesus not only came to bring us eternal life, but he also provides us abundant life here on earth. His first miracle of turning water into wine not only helped authenticate that he was the promised Messiah, but it was also a foreshadowing of how he alo...

Our Thinking: Consumed with Joy

Week 2 • 7/26/2020 •


The Apostle Paul writes from a prison cell to let us know that joy is not just an idea but a reality for those who know the person and work of Jesus Christ. In seasons of difficulties and uncertainties, sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain our jo...

Our Thinking: Consumed with Peace

Week 3 • 8/2/2020 •


In a world that causes uneasiness, worry, doubt, and fear, and it important that we trust God for His leading in our lives. As believers, we have the ability to be consumed by Christ’s peace in any given moment. This is because peace is not the absence...

Our Thinking: Consumed with Contentment

Week 4 • 8/9/2020 •


In our world, at times, we begin to think “if only” we could change our circumstances; our feelings on the inside would change as well. However, the reality is that at any time, we can experience the presence of Christ and be content no matter what sit...

I’m Done with Fear

Week 5 • 8/16/2020 •


As Israel transitioned their leadership from Moses to Joshua, Moses encouraged the entire assembly of Israel as well as Joshua to be strong and courageous. The reason for this confidence stemmed from the fact that it was the Lord who was going before t...

Do I Have Your Attention Yet?

Week 6 • 8/23/2020 •


When we see the landscape of our culture and ask the question, “What in the world is going on?”, that is a signal that God is wanting to gain our attention. As Christians, we may wrongly think that God is simply upset at non-believers and is ready to p...

The Church of Today

Week 7 • 8/30/2020 •


Throughout history, we have seen generations ebb and flow in their faith and even have entire generations, such as the judges 2 generation that did not know the Lord. That will not be our story here at BRAVE. We want to invest in the next generation an...

Our Call as the Church

Week 8 • 9/6/2020 •


In the great commandment of Matthew 22, what we see is that all of scripture finds it’s fulfillment through our love for God and our love for others. God desires our lives to be fully devoted to Him, that we would have an abiding relationship with God....