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Ministering Priests


5/1/2023 Jeff Schwarzentraub Exodus 28-29

This week we discussed the role of Priestly Garments and how they were necessary for leading God’s people and foreshadowing the coming Messiah. While this section of Scripture may not be the most riveting for the modern-day reader, we see the great deal that God reveals in order that we will understand the importance of the text. God not only wanted his place of worship, the Tabernacle, to be built according to his instructions but also wanted the priests to minister according to His plan as well. Throughout these two chapters in Exodus, we learn how God wanted His priests to dress and to be set apart in order to minister on His behalf. God takes worship and ministry seriously and desires that His instructions be followed. Ultimately, we learn that Jesus Christ, the Great High Priest, is the fulfillment of everything that is being foreshadowed in this text. May your understand of God’s Word grow this week as you discover his plans for Priestly Garments and the way in which they are called to serve the Lord.

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