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Managing Reseller Hosting

With the reseller hosting package, you are essentially renting a portion of one of our advanced hosting servers. The size of course depends on the package you choose. You can use this hosting service to sell hosting services to your clients, or if you have a lot of websites to manage, using the reseller hosting may be cheaper for you than managing individual hosting accounts. With reseller hosting, we do not put any limits on your account other than the actual disk size your package provides.


Connect to the Web Host Manager

  • To manage accounts, log in for the domain under which you purchased the hosting package. We’ll call this your reseller hosting domain.
  • Go to the menu Paid Hosting, and click on Web Host Manager
  • You are now connected to the WHM interface


Define Your Hosting Package(s)

  • First thing you are going to want to do is define your Hosting Packages
  • On the left column, scroll down until you find “Packages”, and click on Add a Package. You may need to the triangle at the right of Packages to expand the category.
  • On the right pane, you will see places where you can give your hosting package a name, and define its limits.
  • Once you’ve set the limits you want, click the blue Add Button.
  • Go back and create other packages (optional)

Add a Domain to your Hosting Service

  • On the WHM, on the left column, locate Account Functions
  • Click on Create a new Account
  • In the Domain Information section, you’ll choose enter in the domain name, username and password, and choose the package for the domain to use.
  • Under DNS Settings, choose the Use the nameservers specified at the Domain’s Registrar option. The name servers need to be pointed to and If the domain is not one that is registered with us, you will need to have its registrar make this update. Or better yet, transfer the domain to us as the registrar 🙂
  • For Mail exchanger, the default setting is Local Mail Exchanger. Do not change this.
  • Click the blue Create button when you’re set.

Pointing the DNS Zone

  • This guide is for domains for which we are the registrar. For domains that are registered externally, you will need the registrar to set up custom DNS to point email and hosting services to the same IP address that your reseller hosting domain is using.
  • Back on the R4L domain management interface, go to DNS and click on Point Domain(s) to Zone
  • Locate the custom DNS Zone that your reseller hosting domain is in
  • Select the domain that you added to your reseller hosting account
  • Click the Point to this Zone button in the Custom Zone group that your reseller domain is in.

Your Customer’s cPanel Login

Your customer will be able to log in to their cPanel account by going to The :2083 is the port number for the server, and lets the server know this is for a cPanel login. They will use the username and password you chose when adding the account.


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