Beginner’s Guide: Email Aliases

An Email Alias in simple terms is an email address based on one of your domain names that will forward email recei ved at that address to the external email address you have provided.

Let’s use an example. Say you have the domain name registered with us. With this domain, you have set up an email account so you can receive and send emails, manage email contacts, etc. This email account you have named <>.

Because your webshop is new and you are managing it yourself, you don’t need multiple mailboxes or many people accessing the mail. You do however want to have separate email addresses listed on your web site. So, you use aliases!

You set up the following aliases for your domain:

  • <>
  • <>
  • <>

These aliases all forward email to <>.

How to use the Aliases

Once you have configured your aliases, any email sent to <>, <>, <> and <> will be delivered to the mailbox for <>. To respond to an email, you will log into your email account and respond from there.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Aliases

  • Can I use a pop mail client with an email alias?
No. An email alias forwards email. It’s not an actual email account. To do that with an R4L account, you will need a full-service email account.
  • Using an R4L email account, can I reply to an email using the Alias email address?
Yes, you can. Using the webmail interface, you can define different Identities with different email addresses (including aliases). If an email is received by an alias that you have defined in the webmail interface, automatically when you reply this alias will be chosen as the personal profile to reply with.

If you have an email alias related question that’s not covered on this page and think it should be, please write to us to ask the question.


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