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Popup “Enter Network Password” with Outlook



With Microsoft Outlook 2007, each time you connect to your POP3 mailbox, you may be prompted to enter your password, even though you have already configured and saved your incoming settings. This can sometimes happen even if you have configured the incoming settings correctly.

The Cause

There are two known causes of the password popup.

  • Case 1 The first and most obvious is that your incoming server settings have not been entered, or they are entered incorrectly. In this case, what’s configured in Outlook is not matching the settings on the Register4Less mail servers.
  • Case 2 The second is a little more tricky. The windows registry contains incorrect information for the Protected Storage System Provider subkey for the user account.


  • Case 1 You need to correct the username and password configured for Outlook. If you’re unsure of the password for the mail account, then log in, reset it, and then configure Outlook with the new password.
  • Case 2 In this case, you need to correct misconfiguration with your installation of Windows. The Microsoft Knowledge Base article 290684 is available to help you correct this behaviour by stepping you through the process of removing your user account information from the Protected Storage System Provider subkey in the Windows Registry and entering your password options again in Outlook.


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