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Expired Domain, Grace & Redemption Period.

Renewal Reminders

We send our renewal reminders by email starting 3 months from the expiry of your domain, and then each month thereafter. If you have not received a reminder for your domain, it’s likely that you have not kept your email address on file with us accurate.

When a domain expires

When your domain expires, services for it will no longer work (i.e. web site & email will go down). To renew your domain, you should log into your account with Register4less. If you don’t remember your username & password, please use the Lost Password function to have this sent by email.

The Grace Period will maintain your domain for a period of 40 days following its expiry. You can renew your domain during the grace period at the normal registration rate. Renewing your domain will make its services active again. A 5 day period follows the grace period where it transitions from grace period to redemption period.

The Redemption Period

Most registries now impose a redemption period following the grace period. The redemption period is 30 days. You may still renew your domain during the redemption period, however this is more costly due to redemption fees charged by the registry. Once the redemption period has passed, the domain enters a 5 day drop window after which the domain is released.

Should I Redeem my domain?

Dropping domains, especially .com names, are often picked up by domain speculators. It has become very difficult to recover a domain name by monitoring for when it will drop. If the domain has value for you, it is advisable to redeem it. If your domain is in redemption, they only guaranteed way to get it back is through a domain redemption.

Monitoring Service has also developed a monitoring service for those clients who do not wish to pay the $80 redemption fee.

We do ask that you pay the $35.95 monitoring fee before we can monitor a domain. The domain monitoring service is a bandwidth intensive program that automates the process of re-registering the domain name as soon as the registry drops it. While we have had good success with this service, it’s not possible to guarantee getting the domain back for you with this service.

We recommend before opting for the monitoring service to consider if we are not able to get the domain back for you, will you regret not having done the redemption renewal. In the event a domain speculator gets the domain, any previous ownership rights you had for the domain are lost.

In the event we are unable to pick up the domain for you, we will credit back to your account balance the $15.95 registration fee to your account balance. The $20 monitoring fee is not refundable.

If you do wish to have us monitor a domain or do a redemption renewal for your domain, please contact our support department by phone (877) 905-6500 or the secure chat from our website.


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