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How do I confirm a domain transfer?

Whenever someone orders a transfer of registrar with, we always send a confirmation request by email to the current administrative contact for the domain. This confirmation request ensures that the domain transfer is authorized by an authoritative contact for the domain. This is one of the reasons it’s critical that you be sure that your administrative email contact is always valid.

Please don’t wait until your domain is almost expired before starting the transfer. When you transfer a domain, the year’s renewal is added to your domain’s time, so no time you’ve paid for is lost. While it is possible to transfer a domain that is expired (but not in the redemption period), you can avoid downtime for your domain’s services by completing the transfer before the domain expires.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Once you’ve placed the order for the domain transfer and paid for it, watch your email for the confirmation request. It will be addressed from <>
  2. In the email there will be a link below the text in bold, Approve Transfer Link: Click on this link.
  3. A web page will open, letting you know we have received your transfer secret. You can close the window.
  4. Depending on the registrar you are transferring from, you may receive an additional email to confirm the transfer away from them. If you do receive this, please confirm the transfer away.
  5. If you can confirm the transfer away from the current registrar, the transfer will complete within a day of doing this. If not, the transfer will complete within 5 calendar days of when you confirmed it with us.


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