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How do I transfer a domain to

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. With the domain’s current registrar
    • ensure that the admin email contact is yours and that you can receive email at that address, and have the registrar provide you with the domain’s EPP authorization code.
    • Make sure the Registrar Lock is DISABLED for the domain.
    • Also make sure that WHOIS/Contact Privacy (sometimes called Private Registration) is DISABLED for the domain.
  2. Go to our website
    • Type in the name(s) of the domain(s) you want to transfer to us (you can do more than one at a time).
    • Click on Lookup Transfer. We’ll look up the domain to see if they can be transferred.
      If the domain shows as not transferable, you will need to contact your current registrar to have the domain unlocked.
    • Enter the Authorization Code provided by your current registrar.
    • If you have an account with us already, log in as existing customer, otherwise, log in as new customer.
    • Either fill in (new account) or verify the contact information (existing account) on the order page.
    • Click on the check box to confirm your agreement with the special terms and conditions for transferring a domain (it’s yours, you can confirm it).
    • Click on the check box to indicate your understanding to the registration agreement.
    • Click on Place Order
    • Follow the steps given on our site to select your payment method and complete the order.
    • We will send an email to the administrative contact for the domain(s) you are transferring. You must click the link in the confirmation request email(s) so that we may submit the transfer to the registry.
    • Optionally, you can have the current registrar confirm the transfer away from them. If you can do that, the transfer will complete more quickly, otherwise, the transfer will complete 5 days after you have confirmed the transfer.


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