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Say What?

February 2020

Planting seeds of doubt in what God has said has been a strategy of satan since the Garden of Eden. And yet as we evaluate the content of God’s word and the historical record, we find that the Bible that we hold in our hands is infallible, authoritative, and relevant for all time. As a church founded upon the scriptures, this series is designed to boldly and confidently show just how firm the foundation of our faith is.

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In This Series

What the Word Says About the Word

Week 1 • 2/9/2020 •


We begin a survey of the Biblical landscape on the veracity of God’s Word. Specifically, we begin to study, “What Does The Word Say About The Word?” Throughout the message, we look at the temptation we have of doubting God’s Word which leads to other c...

What God Says About the Word

Week 2 • 2/16/2020 •


We continue to grow in our understanding of God’s Word by taking one step further and studying what God, Himself, says about the Word. We conclude that the Bible believes itself to be perfect and entirely true in all of its testimony and God confirms t...

What Does History Say About the Bible?

Week 3 • 2/23/2020 •


From internal and external evidence as well as in literature and archeology, the Bible is supreme among all books. The internal evidence shows that God writes history in advance and is perfect in His prophecy 100% of the time. Decide whether or not you...

What The Word Says About You

Week 4 • 3/1/2020 •


What does a worldview based upon God’s Word say about big life questions? While the world often guesses the answers to these most important life questions, God gives us specific answers from His Word. Understanding a worldview from a Biblical perspecti...

What do You Say About the Word?

Week 5 • 3/8/2020 •


Finishing our SAY WHAT? series by asking the question, “What do YOU say about the WORD?” After studying the testimony of the Word, the testimony of God, the testimony of history and the testimony of a Biblical worldview, we end by asking what we person...