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Approaching The Holy


1/15/2023 Jeff Schwarzentraub Exodus 19

This week we discussed the holiness of God and why it is so important that we know His character if we are going to approach Him. In Exodus 19 we see the nation of Israel being introduced to the God who performed all the amazing works and wonders to deliver them from the hand of the Egyptians. Here at Mt. Sinai, Moses is summoned to the top of the mountain to receive instructions for how this meeting is to take place. He returns and tells them how to prepare themselves for meeting the God of the universe. They are told to consecrate themselves for three days so that they will be ready to meet with God. They are also told to keep their distance when they approach Him. If they or anyone else or an animal crosses the boundary that has been established, they will be put to death. God arrives as fire on the mountain, and they experience an earthquake all of Israel is terrified! God is so holy that Israel needs to recognize He is unlike anyone or anything they have ever known. As Moses warns the people it is a reminder that we must warn people about the holiness of God. Without understanding God’s holiness, we miss out on the fullness of the Gospel. May this week’s message challenge and encourage you in your walk with Jesus Christ.

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