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Experiencing Freedom


11/13/2022 Jeff Schwarzentraub Exodus 12

This week we discussed how we can truly be set free in Christ and no longer remain a slave to our sin. In the book of Exodus, God sent the first 9 plagues to punish Egypt for their disobedience to Him. After the Pharoah and Egypt refused to repent God sent the tenth plague which was the death of the first-born in every home. In order to protect Israel God prescribed the blood of a lamb to be applied on the doorposts of every home. This blood would cause the angel of death to “pass over” that home and spare the life of the first-born. Not only did God use this plague to show His power, but it was also the final plague that caused Pharoah and Egypt to beg the nation of Israel to leave. In this text we see God’s power and protection of Israel as well as His strong hand to deliver. This story not only reminds us of the necessity of the body and blood of Christ, but also His desire to deliver us completely from our sin. May this week’s message and these questions help you to grow in taking steps of faith towards true freedom in Christ.

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