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Praise the Lord


12/6/2022 Jeff Schwarzentraub Exodus 15:1-21

This week we studied the Victory Song that Moses and the Sons of Israel sang after God crushed Pharoah and his men. Once the battle was complete, the men sang praise to God for delivering them from their enemies. Understanding what took place in chapter 15 is essential for us to understand why God asks us to praise Him and why praise should be so natural. Everyone was created in the image of God and God has designed everyone to be a worshipper of Him. When we don’t praise the Lord, we will find something less worthy to devote our praise. Praise is so natural and yet we often associate it with the type or style of music rather than the Person of Christ whom we are worshipping. As we looked at Exodus 15 this week, we also recognized that one of the reasons praise may be difficult is that we are not truly saved. May the Lord bless the proclamation of His Word and may He speak directly through your heart through this timeless song.

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