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Surprising Expectations


10/9/2022 Jeff Schwarzentraub Exodus 5-6:27

There is nothing quite so painful and disappointing as unmet expectations. Some of life’s greatest challenges arise in areas of our lives when we are expecting something that does not materialize. This can happen on a micro-scale when somebody does not show up on time for a meeting or on a macro-scale when we are overlooked for a position that is handed to someone less qualified. Throughout our lives we experience unmet expectations and therefore we work to shield our lives from this by aligning our lives with people we trust. One of the blessings of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is that He is completely trustworthy, and we can rely on him one hundred percent of the time. However, we find through experience that following Jesus can be disappointing at times. This week we unpacked five surprising expectations that will help us as we journey with Christ.

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