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The Making of a Worshipper


9/25/2022 Jeff Schwarzentraub Exodus 3:1-22

This week we discussed how when God sees a problem and has a solution, he goes looking for that man in order to make him a worshipper. Often when we consider the notion of worship our thoughts wander to liturgy and style rather than to the person of Jesus Christ. Worship is when a person gives their full allegiance in all areas of their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. God wants us to seek Him first and yet so often we want to simply have God in the background just to help if we encounter problems in our journey. God wants to be our God. God wants us to know and fear Him and yet also recognize His mercy and grace that overflows abundantly! In this study of Exodus 3 we seek how God reveals Himself to Moses and how God wants to use his life. God has been active in Moses’ life from the time He was born but now is growing deeper in His understanding of the Lord. Our patient God wants us to know Him as the Sovereign Creator who is all powerful and Transcendent, loving God who cares for every area of our lives! May this week’s message challenge you to become a greater worshipper of the Lord Jesus Christ!

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