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Mission Critical

January 2022

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In This Series

Jesus Wants You

Week 1 • 1/2/2022 •


Once we are saved that we are disciples of Christ who are called to grow into His likeness. The reality is that Jesus wants YOU! God the Father demonstrated His love to the world by sending His only begotten so that whoever believed would not perish bu...

Genuine Transformation

Week 2 • 1/9/2022 •


God’s design for every believer is to be transformed and conformed to the image of Christ. Using 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 as a foundation we discussed four truths for experiencing total transformation. Allowing God’s Word to shape you will help you grow i...

The Holy Spirit and You: Living in the Spirit's Fullness

Week 3 • 1/16/2022 •


While it is clear from the Scriptures that we are given the person of the Holy Spirit to indwell us when we believe, the Scriptures also make clear the need for us to continue to be filled with Him. This means that we received ALL of the Holy Spirit wh...

Experiencing More of the Holy Spirit

Week 4 • 1/23/2022 •


The primary ministry of the Holy Spirit is to magnify the resurrected Christ. When Jesus Christ was on the earth the Holy Spirit descending upon Him at His baptism and remained upon Him for ministry. After Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into hea...

Three Critical Confessions

Week 5 • 1/30/2022 •


This week we discussed the three critical confessions that God desires every person to make. Understanding and living these confessions changes a believer by faith. You see, a confession is made by faith through agreement with the Word of God. When you...